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Sleep Away
Bob Acri (Bob Acri)
"Lila Jane"
was born with us and returned to us as an adult. We feel very blessed to have been able to place her with one of our past cat families!
We are happy to say she is living happy life with her 2 sisters Cleo and Hadley in Manitoba Canada
                                                             above Sasha "Bailey" photo provided by her owner Shy Selden   

photos above of Brock provided by his owner Anna Brown.  

                                                      THATCAT Brock has and will achieved great things in the show world  


                                                                                     THATCAT BROCK



  above molly's photos provided by her mom Jamie Roberts 

                                           Jasper new name Price Hairy. Pictures above provided by his mom Angie McFadzean  
                                                photo on  the right of Dexter provided by his family Laura Miskiman
                                                      Thatcat Lewis  and his new Family  February 23 2014

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