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Mr. Scruff (Ninja Tuna)

                    We will never re home a animal the same day we meet you!

 We only send cats/ kittens to homes after we have built a relationship with the new family.

kittens in our cattery Learn a few basic things 

* counters and tables are off limits if they go on them the owner needs to clap at the cat. If they still don't get off the table or counter then clap again and say there name loudly. repeat if needed.

*cats have a large amount of bacteria on there feet. If they are allowed to walk on your table your family can get sick.

*Our cats are never allowed to use teeth or claws to play. we stop this by never allowing this bad behaviour. if they do playo rough a gentle tap on the nose and a firm No works well.

* A animal allowed to play to rough can have problems later in life from it. They can harm a person by there bite and scratches.

*All cats and kittens get weekly baths. They will test there new owners to see what they can get away with when it comes to baths.

* All our kittens start learning potty training (toilet Training) We give the kittens the starting concept of the toilet training but the new owner has to follow through or it will not work. Our reason for doing this is the our older cats do not use the  potty system. So this allows us to have more control over our cats corona counts as well as expose the kittens to less corona from older cats. Kittens only share bath room area with kittens born in there litter. All people and animals have a corona count. keeping a kittens corona count low helps keep them healthy.


I, Brandy-Ann Moore owner operator of Thatcat  cattery, received a non refundable deposit of Four Hundred Dollars ($400) towards the total purchase price of Kitten/Cat THATCAT___________________  total purchase price of kitten/cat is ___$2050.___ to be paid before/on pick up.



Kitten/Cat will be vaccinated with a series of 4 vaccinations including, Panleukopenia (distemper), Calicivirus (FVC) and Rhinotracheitis (FVR), and will be spay/ neutered before being re homed.

There is no guarantee of absolute baldness, skin or eye color. Kitten/Cat ________________ is being sold as a PET with no breeding rights*.  

I, Brandy-Ann Moore, guarantee that Thatcats Kitten/Cat THATCAT_______________ is in good health at the time of delivery. The new family needs to have the kitten/cat examined by the new owners veterinarian within forty-eight (48) hours  to confirm this Kittens/Cat THATCAT ______________ is in good health. Potential release date of kitten to new owners home will be pre set for _______________________

Colour of kitten/cat________________________________

eye colour______________

Date of birth ________________

This contract is legal and binding, it allows the buyer and seller to keep the cats health and well being number one.

thatcat cattery will give a 1 year genetic health guarantee on all kittens/cats, If your kitten/cat passes from any genetic disease. I, Brandy-Ann Moore  will not refund for the product package or cat furniture. The adopter can have the cat/kitten replaced with the next available kitten or cat of their choice. Health guarantee covers  genetic problem causing death. In cases of replacement new owner will have to provide Thatcat Cattery with vet records that state that there kitten/cat passed from a genetic disease. New owner will agree to use nu vet product for the first year as it is in best interest of the cat/kitten. If the new owner does not give Nu Vet for 1 years we offer no health guarantee. The new owner will agree to keep there new kitten/cat for its life or release it back to Thatcat Cattery, at no cost to Thatcat Cattery. The buyer will agree  NOT to de claw and always keep your cats health # one priority. If I, Brandy Moore feel that you have neglected needed veterinary care or have caused harm or abuse on this animal in any way in accordance with the Canadian rights law, it will be returned to Thatcat cattery. Any attempt to re home or sell this animal will also result in you relinquishing you ownership back to Thatcat cattery. *This contract is legal and binding to protect both buyer and seller as well as keep our animals health number one priority!

THATCAT LEVKA         $2050.

product package            _______

cat furniture                   _______

total                              $________

 Breeder Brandy-Ann Moore      



 adopter's please print and sign 


        ____________________ date______________


        _____________________ date_____________

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