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your cats teeth need to be taken care of!

A lot of cat owners do not take enough time on there cats oral mouth care. It is so IMPORTANT. Over time an animals teeth build up with plaque and tarter in the same way that a child's teeth do. It can lead to major health issues, such as infection and pain. The easy solution is not always to brush your animals teeth. A lot of cats will not allow this. You can easily use a water additive, these products can safely be added to drinking water daily. In our Cattery we like to use petz life oral spray. This is a product that gets sprayed directly in the mouth, no brushing needed. We find this is a stress free method of keeping our cats teeth at there best and keeping our animals healthy. It is better to Prevent dental problems then to put an animal through the pain of dental work or infection. Caring for your animals teeth is just as important as caring for your own teeth.

Do NOT get a Peterbald or Donskoy

if you do not want to 

do dental work for your

animal. they are high risk for gum disease and

need regular dental


Dental Disease is one of the most common Feline Medical Problems.

The range of problems teeth can impact are  endless, here are just a few.

*Oral Pain

*swollen throat glands


*Problems swallowing food

*nutrition problems

*tooth loss

*Fever and Sickness



*weight loss

*throwing up

and more

With our cats and kittens we use PetzLife Oral Care spray, we try to limit product that contain  fish directly. Not all Peterbalds can process fish. fish is processed through the liver and kidneys with hairless animals this fish oil can build up over time and cause health problems. this does not happen to all hairless cats but should be taken into consideration when buying products for them. keeping fish and fish oil to a minimum is best. Some hairless cats have no problem with the fish but others do. there is no way to tell what animal will be affected or not by fish except trial and error.

order information on all the products we use can be seen on our Products and Special care page.

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