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We will never re home a animal the same day we meet you!

 We only send cats/kittens to homes after we have built a relationship with the new family.

Adoption application is at the bottom of the page.

We do Internet checks on all our potential adopters

We also do check  our applicants personal contacts.

our hope is to not sell you a cat, but to make you a part of our cat family.

We know with ought our cat familys we would not be able to be a part of breeding this

amazing new breed of animal. 

*Please take some time before deciding to see our Products and care Page.

please do not try to fill this out on my site just copy and past it to a document on your computer and fill it out that way thank you  

Adoption application
In order to be considered for an adoption you must be at least 21 years of  age. you must be a home owner or have writen permission from your landlord. You must be willing to supply a lifetime of love, attention, and medical care. You are agreeing to give your cat/kitten Nu Vet feline product for first 2 years in agreeing to this adoption if aproved. Pet ownership is a responsibility that shouldn't be taken lightly. In my effort to find the best possible homes for each animal I ask you to fill out this application. I would like all applicants to provide 2 character references name and phone number please, as well as written letters from both references telling me what kind of pet owner you are or  will be, and  a little bit about you.
Reference #1      Name_________________________________________________
                        Phone #_________________________________________________

Reference #2      Name_________________________________________________
                        Phone #_________________________________________________

 I also always do annual follow ups on my adopted kittens/cats, and expect your cooperation.  adoption family's will provide minimum of 1 family photo a year.  
How did you here about thatcat cattery?________________________________
Adopter's name____________________________________________________
Adopter's date of birth______________________________________________
Email address_____________________________________________________
Phone Numbee____________________________________________________
Mailing addres_____________________________________________________
Physical address if different__________________________________________
City, Province, Postal code___________________________________________
Employment place____________________________________________
Number of children living in household and age__________________________
number of pets in the household type of pet breed and age___________________
Do you own house, rent house, rent apt________________________________
Are pets allowed yes, no unsure______________________________________
Landlord's name and phone number___________________________________
How long have you lived at you'r present address________________________
What is you'r reason for wanting a Peterbald____________________________
Do you believe in spaying/neutering you'r                                                        pets__________________________why or why                                                 not_____________________________________________________               
How long will you'r pet be left alone each day/night______________________
How long do you plan to  keep your  pet________________________________
If you had to get rid of you'r pet  what would you do with it________________
Do you know all the extra care this cat needs such as diet, enviroment, medical attention, and attention______________________________________
Any other coments you would like to include____________________________
 Printed name and  Signature of applicant's

_____________________________________             ___________________________________

_____________________________________            ____________________________________


Breeders Memo____________________________________________________



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