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   People and cats have associated  together for thousands of years

 It all started between 1500 and 1600 BC, cats were first domesticated in Egypt.

 Feline names and personalities  were given to both the God of Fertility and the God of war.

Images of felines can be found on statues and vases of the early Greek and Roman Empire.

They were worshiped and thought to bring good fortune.

Later in history cats became valued as mousers. They were thought to keep rodents and disease under control.

By the early 1970's cats were becoming a popular pet. They soon exceeded the number of Dogs kept as pet.


Donskoy cats are a mostly hairless breed. They originated in Rostov-on-Don Russia in 1987.

Elena Kovaleva rescues the kitten from children on the street.

At first the kitten was thought to be sick, but it was later revealed to have a dominant genetic mutation.

This mutation effected the hair suppression genetics.


Peterbalds were soon created in St. Petersburg Russia in 1994.

This was done by crossing a Donskoy, with a Siamese, and Oriental cats.

 This created the first Peterbald, a sometimes hairless cat with a Oriental look.

 They are a very slender and athletic cat.

 Peterbalds have a big personality and a voice to go with it.


our stunning Peterbald king

 He recently came to us from Russia.

Bakkardi has a very soft personality he is very gentle and loving.

He loves to be loved and is happy to just spend time with his family.  

Our amazing Donskoy queen

She is a very loyal social girl.

Cherrio is a true pleasure to be with, She is happy just to be loved.
our amazing hairless Donskoy Queen
Francis is an amazing girl she is very social.

She loves to be with our children she is always happy just to be with us. 

Francis is a welcome addition to our family and always a pleasure to be around.

She will be staying with us after she is spay in July 2018

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