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We will never re home a animal the same day we meet you!

 We only send cats/kittens to homes after we have built a relationship with the new family.

This is important information for any hairless cat owner!  My goal is to educate owners not scare  them. It is not common to have these viruses but it is possible and I like  to educated people so they can understand why it is so important to care for Peterbalds properly and keep them healthy. 

Peterbalds are higher risk for 

"Immune Deficency Disease"
This may be inherited or caused by viral infection. It lowers the body's defences against infection, and impairs the function of the immune system. 
They are at risk for 
"Feline Herpies virus  (FJV-1)"
This can happen from stress, change in environment, and sickness. Herpies can mutate into FIP in Peterbalds. It needs to be taken seriously! some times Fish and the Rabies vaccination can make some Peterbalds very sick. Although there is no medical facts to support this a lot of breeders feel there is a link between the rabies vaccination and Herpies  with hairless cats. The coat type does effect health. The less hair the lower the immune system can be. Even if vaccinated Peterbalds can suffer from 
*"Feline Pneumonitis (Chlamydophila psittaci)"
*"Feline Calicivirous (FCV)
*"Feline infections peritonitis virus" 
*"Mycoplasma infection"
*Allergic Asthma"
*Dry eye (Keratoconjunctivitic sicca)"
This can be associated with Herpies virus. 
*Disorders involving Cytotoxic antibodies can be triggered by a Drug, VACCINATION or Infection. Peterbalds respond very well to a combination of 4 medications when used at the same time. 
*Gentamicin eye and nose drops
*Teramicine eye drops 
Peterbalds often do not respond well to just one of these antibiotics, and often need a combination of all 4. 
Peterbalds do better with a immune system builder daily. A vitamin with a pine bark and Lysine in it is best. I recommend NuVet To my clients as it is a vitamin I know use and trust. some Peterbalds can hand Peterbalds have a harder  time processing fish as the liver and kidney process fish oil through them and out the hair follicles. This is why hairless animals can have a hard time processing fish.  in some cases Fish can build up in the liver and kidneys and cause health problems, this does not always happen It is my opinion that Peterbalds do very poorly with pine cleaners, scented soap or fabric softener a, scentsy  products, and some perfume. Some Symptoms of a Peterbald reaction to a product may be sneezing, coughing, sinus problems, breathing changes, and eye irritation. There are many plants Cats can be allergic to. Plants can cause serious health issues and even cause death. Symptoms can range from vision problems, upset stomach,  headache, convulsions, respiratory problems, and even death.

*It can be a little confusing when trying to find the right products for your Peterbald a few things to know. to much
fish is not good for some Peterbalds. products with oyster shells are fine and will help digestion.
Vitamin B12 may or may not be fish oil, some vitamin B12 is made from organics. 
Some times this may be confusing but once you find products you like that work it is easy to stick to them. 
We recommend NuVet to our clients  it is Safe for Peterbalds it is a product we know and love.

As a breeder not a vet  I give this information it is based on my resurch and  knowledge accumulated from other breeders, I encourage you to talk to your vet about these if you are concerned. This information should never be used for self diagnosis. But it can be a good source of information when consulting with a vet. 

to our first time owners I have 2 options for product packages. Option #1 is the starter package, it has almost every thing you need to care for a peterbald. Option #2 is the Sample package it has samples of the basic products you need to care for a peterbald.

First time owners it is a good idea to choose one of these packages.


We like our cats and kittens to go to there new life with ease. A huge part of the process is there overall health and  body condition. our method of care is simple and only takes about 15 min once a week, With all of our kittens already included in there price we send a starter package with all the products and tools you need to keep your new addition healthy and happy!

our starter includes  2 blankets heating pad dishes litter box litter scoop. 2  shampoos medicated, baby shampoo, mouth care product, quick clot, nail clippers, alcohol wipes for nails, q tips, shirt, toys, ear cleaning product, nu vet samples, shirt  kennel (not in picture) and more

Some products may be different then in the picture but quality and price spent on the package will not change.

SAMPLE PACKAGE OPTION #2          $90.

includes ear cleaning solution 2 medicated shampoos artificial tear solution rubbing alcohol wipes nail clippers baby shampoo petzlife mouth spray nail clot product shirt blanket and NuVet sample

also included not in the photo is litter box litter scoop litter sample and food sample, and bath glove

kittens in our cattery Learn a few basic things 

* counters and tables are off limits if they go on them the owner needs to clap at the cat. If they still don't get off the table or counter then clap again and say there name loudly. repeat if needed.

*cats have a large amount of bacteria on there feet. If they are allowed to walk on your table your family can get sick.

*Our cats are never allowed to use teeth or claws to play. we stop this by never allowing this bad behaviour. if they do playo rough a gentle tap on the nose and a firm No works well.

* A animal allowed to play to rough can have problems later in life from it. They can harm a person by there bite and scratches.

*All cats and kittens get weekly baths. They will test there new owners to see what they can get away with when it comes to baths.

* All our kittens start learning potty training (toilet Training) We give the kittens the starting concept of the toilet training but the new owner has to follow through or it will not work. Our reason for doing this is the our older cats do not use the  potty system. So this allows us to have more control over our cats corona counts as well as expose the kittens to less corona from older cats. Kittens only share bath room area with kittens born in there litter. All people and animals have a corona count. keeping a kittens corona count low helps keep them healthy. 


I Brandy-Ann Moore owner operator of Thatcat  cattery, received a non refundable deposit of Four Hundred Dollars ($400) towards the total purchase price of Kitten/Cat THATCAT____________  total purchase price of kitten/cat is ____________ to be paid before/on pick up.

Dam is _______________

Sir is    _______ ________

Kitten/Cat will be vaccinated with a series of 3 vaccinations including, Panleukopenia (distemper), Calicivirus (FVC) and Rhinotracheitis (FVR).   2 times 

  Kitten/Cat THATCAT___________. TICA Papers are available with this cat and it can be registered  for an additional $15.00 US payable to TICA,  I will provide new owner with TICA paper when I have proof of alter. There is no guarantee of absolute baldness, skin or eye color. Kitten/Cat ____________ is being sold as a PET with no breeding rights*.  

Kitten/Cat THATCAT ____________ must be altered at six months of age*. The buyer must show Thatcat Cattery proof of the /spay neuter from a licensed Veterinarian on or before six months of age or the buyer must dissolve ownership of Kitten/Cat and return Kitten/Cat THATCAT___________ to the breeder, Brandy-Ann Moore, owner of Thatcat Cattery at buyers expense*  . 

In the event this kitten/cat THATCAT ____________ can not be spay/neutered due to illness the contract spay/ neuter time will be extended, up to the age of 1 year. As long as the new owner provides our cattery with all of the medical documentation, they will not be in breech of the contract. If an animal reaches the age of 1 year and is not spay/ neutered for any reason even health then  the kitten will be declared to have failure to thrive in the new environment and will be returned to Thatcat Cattery. In the event of a health return it will be up to Thatcat Cattery to decide if the kitten/cat returns to its home after it is healthy and spay/neutered. 

I, Brandy-Ann Moore, guarantee that Thatcats Kitten/Cat THATCAT___________ is in good health at the time of delivery. The new family needs to have the kitten/cat Examined by the new owners veterinarian within forty-eight (48) hours of delivery to confirm this Kittens/Cat THATCAT ______________ is in good health. Potential release date of kitten to new owners home will be pre set for ________________________________

Colour of kitten/cat______________________________

Date of birth ___________________

This contract is a lease it allows the buyer and seller to keep the cats health and well being number one.

thatcat cattery will give a 1 year genetic health guarantee on all kittens/cats, If you'r kitten/cat passes from any genetic disease. I Brandy-Ann Moore I will not refund for the starter or sample  package,  or shipping. The adopter can have the cat/kitten replaced with the next available kitten or cat of there choice. health guarantee covers  genetic problem causing death. In cases of replacement new owner will have to provide Thatcat Cattery with vet records that state that there kitten/cat passed from a genetic disease. New owner will agree to use nu vet product for the first year as it is in best interest of the cat/kitten. If the new owner does not give Nu Vet for 1 years we offer no health guarantee. The new owner will agree to keep there new kitten/cat for its life or release it back to Thatcat Cattery, at no cost to Thatcat Cattery. you will agree to NOT de claw and always keep your cats health # one priority. if I Brandy Moore feel that you have neglected needed veterinary care or have caused harm or abuse on this animal in any way it will be returned to Thatcat cattery. any attempt to re home or sell this animal will also result in you relinquishing you ownership back to Thatcat cattery. *This contract is legal and binding to protect both buyer and seller as well as keep our animals health number one priority!

*the spay/neuter  is not an option, and if the contract is not followed by the allotted  time the buyer must return the kitten/cat  NO EXCEPTIONS and dissolves any and all ownership of the cat. The adopter will sign the cat back to Thatcat Cattery


 Breeder Brandy-Ann Moore             


 adopter's please print and sign 


        ____________________ date______________


        _____________________ date_____________

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